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Our most recent tender trailer designed for Thales specifically to suit the Hawkei product

Hawkei Military Trailer - Designed and Made by Track Trailer

Chassis testing to met tender specifications

Redesigned MC2 Suspension

Track Trailer History

In the early 80s Alan Mawson transferred his skills in building and architecture to the design of a camper pack that could be attached to any 6×4 box trailer. This camper later became known as the Eagle and employed very well constructed and sealed lockers forming a perimeter with the bed in the middle and a tent attached to the top.

Alan Mawson

It wasn’t long before the weak link was identified and Alan arranged for Guiding Star Trailers to build a very robust, fully welded and hot dip galvanized trailer to his specification. This trailer employed 60 series Landcruiser leaf springs and shock absorbers, providing wheel travel and ride characteristics at least the equal of the most competent 4x4s of the day. These trailers are still in service and continue to attract excellent resale prices.

The evolution of the Eagle continued in the early 90s with the adoption of Neville Whithers Sugarglider suspension system. It offered the potential for more wheel travel than the leaf springs and kept pace with the increasingly coil sprung 4x4s entering the market. Track Trailer contributed to the design and then sourced all its production parts from Neville. Meanwhile many other manufactures simply copied the concept and even today most independent suspension trailers and caravans employ this system.

In 1995 Track Trailer was invited to tender for the supply of small (500 and 750kg payload) military trailers. It became clear that meeting not only the performance specification but also the product warranty (including latent defect clauses) would be beyond the capability of the existing designs. So a clean sheet of paper was required. This lead to the design of the Track Trailer MC2 Asymmetric® Link chassis and suspension system. This system was successfully employed over a range of trailer applications including some with highly sensitive multimillion dollar electronic systems.

In 1996 Track Trailer adopted the MC2 Asymmetric Link® chassis and suspension system for all its recreational and commercial products, bringing the proven performance of in service military equipment to all clients and applications.

In the late 90s Track Trailer once again focused its attention on the recreational market. Flip-over campers were popular and increasingly being ruggedised for off road use. This clever camper concept was pioneered by Campomatic some 30 years ago in NZ and when the Campomatic company started manufacturing in Australia they immediately attracted lots of imitators. Track Trailer was not about to join them and instead started with another clean sheet of paper.

The Tvan was a highly successful collaboration between Alan Mawson and Gerard Waldron and was immediately rewarded with excellent sales, passionate owners and the Caravan Industry Associations Camper of the Millennium Award. Tvan has been continuously developed and refined but retains its avant-garde styling and the fundamental robust quality that make it the benchmark for its category.

Over several years following the Tvan introduction, Track Trailer produced several caravan and even flip-over concepts in small quantities to trial various innovative construction systems and layouts and to generally become familiar with the caravan market. Some of these prototypes are still highly sought after in the used market, but although they achieved acclaim, Track Trailer’s build criteria is very stringent and so these products were never offered in full scale production.

Then in 2007 another clean sheet of paper design was commenced. Based on our wealth of experience with the trials and ongoing development of all before it, the Track Trailer Topaz was created and finally launched late in 2008. It immediately achieved critical acclaim and handsome orders, despite arriving just in time for the global financial crisis.

The Topaz has a lot of development potential and this will be realised with additional models and options being added over the coming years, creating a new family of Track Trailer products.

What’s next at Track Trailer?

Track Trailer will continue to be proudly Australian owned and manufactured. It will continue to develop and offer truly innovative, high performance, recreational vehicles. It remains committed to working with its local suppliers to bring the best technology and insightful design to the market and will be particularly focused on the environmental impact of its products, increasingly addressed by enabling more fuel efficient tow vehicles to use them.

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