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The world is moving away from fossil fuels and focusing on renewable energy. This has led to the increased demand for onboard high-capacity battery systems that can run induction cooking and power other electrical appliances – removing gas altogether.

To meet this demand the Tvan Lightning features significantly more battery capacity (500AH up from 150AH), dramatically increased solar capacity (200W roof and 160W hatch mounted/portable = 360W up from 120W) and a large inverter (2000W up from 300W), enabling the inclusion of an induction cooktop and the ability for a customer to use a coffee machine, kettle, hair dryer etc.

The Lightning features a high output 2 hob induction cooker seamlessly integrated into the Tvan premium kitchen, offering vastly better performance in poor weather conditions (wind etc.).


Tvan Lightning Kitchen

These days all camper trailers feature a slide out kitchen, however, nobody does it quite like Track Trailer.

The Premium Kitchen:

The stainless steel benchtop utilises advanced sheetmetal techniques for a premium feel, including rounded edge. The powder coated, predominantly aluminium body makes access to storage a breeze, incorporating many drawers for the storage, stainless steel sink features a flick style tap, draining board and cutlery drawer located below.

The kitchen utilises a lock in / lock out handle which accommodates single handed operation and slides on Track Trailer’s own design of ball bearing runners. The integrated windshields are deployed by simply raising them into position. We’ve even fitted a bottle opener so you won’t have to go searching for your keys!

Safiery Induction Cooktop:

Safiery Induction Cooktop with 1800W and 1500W hobs (controlled for max 2000W combined draw).
German IGBT control, German Schott Ceran High grade black crystal plate and touch Sensor controls. Features: timer, child lock, auto off, overheat and cookware detection.

Complete Control

RedVision, Rogue, Manger and BC DC

With 500Ah of lithium power on tap (400Ah usable), and 360W of solar on top, the Tvan Lightning is designed to power your off-grid adventure indefinitely.

Featuring Redarc’s RedVision Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS), the Tvan Lightning will have you in control, harnessing its power to run up to 2000W of devices at 240V, including the built in Safiery induction cooktop.

With a total weight of ~1200kg, which includes everything the trailer comes with (except water), the payload is exceptional (600kg), and even with a full rear water tank (108L) you still have 492kg.

This makes the Tvan capable of safely carrying everything you need to take with you, without being anywhere close to the maximum weight of the trailer.

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360W of Solar

  • Roof mounted 200W monocrystalline solar panel
  • 160W rear hatch mounted (also portable) Redarc monocrystalline solar blanket

New Storage

To utilise every millimetre of space, Track has also designed sleek sheet-metal storage drawers, which are completely removable for easy packing and lockable for security.

The redistribution of the electrical system has opened up new cabin storage below the RedVision screen on the right hand side of the van and in lockable panniers (left and right) where the batteries were located.

Diesel Heating and Hotwater

Track Trailer has used the proven a OEM system to provide reliable and efficient heating for the Tvan and hot water for the kitchen and shower. This popular system is comprised of a glycol heat pump, heat ex-changer (for heating), diesel tank and glycol storage unit. As you can appreciate, a system with all of these components takes up a fair bit of room and often the size of these components encroaches on useful storage space and takes up significantly more space than required. Not with the Tvan! Unwilling to compromise on valuable space, the Track Trailer team set about redesigning the plumbing, wiring and tanks (glycol and fuel) to repackage the entire combustion elements into 1 jerry can sized unit. This design eliminates messy wiring or plumbing running the length of the van. Most competitor products fit the fuel tank behind the front stone guard and the other components wherever they can, leaving long runs of wiring, plumbing etc, meaning more holes and more potential for dust ingress. This is another example why the Tvan is a far superior product.

There are several benefits to designing this system into such a small space:

  • It saves on space & weight
  • The system can be assembled on a bench rather than fitted after construction, meaning it’s plug and play and tested prior to fitting, but also easier to troubleshoot if a customer has an issue
  • It occupies a jerry can carrying position on the Tvan rear of the axle, aiding in better weight management system.
  • The units shower output is directly alongside the shower tent
  • The tank can be filled at a bowser and easily on the LHS (away from the road).

The Front Boot configuration

The Tvan Lightning comes standard with the Front Boot featuring two separately sealed compartments, one for generic storage and the other with a dedicated fridge slide and constant 12V power.

The fridge compartment also features filtered air vents.
The boot accommodates a spare wheel and is already specified with a RHS slide out tray, a fridge slide swap (RHS to LHS) for longer fridges and pull out pantry.

MK5 Front Box Fridge Dimensions:

Small tray (LHS) H x W x L 570 x 456 x 760 Large tray (RHS) H x W x L 570 x 456 x 920

What’s Next? – There’s still loads of information!