Customers Interviewed at the Big Red Bash:

A special thanks to our customers in order of appearance, David and Cheryl, Alan and Toni, Ray and Sue, Anne and Ian, Kevin and Sandra and Jill and Dave for the on the spot interviews about their travels in the Track Trailer Tvan and Topaz camper trailers.
These clips were shot at our national Owner’s Gathering at the Big Red Bash on the edge of Big Red, the most famous sand due in the Simpson Desert.

Peter and Jan


We have just returned from a trip to see three of the corners of Australia.

The trip was a great success, a big part of which was the facilities and performance of our Tvan.

We thought it well worth a few moments to pen a few words below to thank you and the Track Team for a fantastic product.

In our most recent trip we went from Melbourne to Mildura, Hawker, Farina Ruins, Marree, Mungerannie, Warburton Track, K1 Line, Poeppel Corner, QAA line, Big Red, Birdsville, Birdsville Development Road, Betoota, Arrabury Track, Haddon Corner, Arrabury, Cordillo Downs, Bourke and Wills Dig Tree, Innamincka, Coongie Lakes, back to Innamincka, Old Strezleki Track plus Moomba, Cameron Corner, Middle Road, Jump Up Track, Tibooburra, Wanaaring Bourke, and then home via Shepparton, Seymour and Yea. 5300 km’s in total with 2700 km’s on gravel.

Our aim was to visit the three corners and enjoy ourselves. Along the way we saw flora and fauna of the outback (the desert was in bloom after recent rains), drove the Warburton Track and QAA Line and visited as many iconic outback pubs as we could find.

What do we love about our Tvan :

  • The bed is very comfortable, always made up, dry and dust free. It never gets wet even when the tent has to be put away soaking wet.
  • The variety and simplicity of setups.
  • The tent deployed or no tent deployed options for a setup can be matched to the view, weather and location and takes no time at all to setup.
  • Where ever we take the four wheel drive the Tvan comes along with no issues or fuss.
  • We have just washed it and it comes up looking like showroom new.

In summary – we love it – “Murray” our Tvan has met and exceeded all our expectations.

Thank you and Track for a fantastic product.


Peter and Jan

Pam and Rob


After 6 great years of travelling remote areas in the Track Trailer Tvan we have decided to upgrade to the Topaz. We bought the Tvan because we wanted genuine off road capability, quality of build, storage capacity and we wanted to sleep under a hard roof without the chance of getting wet in rain.

We finally decided that we wanted a little more comfort but still be able to do off road travel. We particularly wanted a van that was genuine off road and included more comforts.

We looked at everything we could find at Caravan and Camping Shows and did as much research as possible. We went into it with an open mind and settled on the Topaz.

The Topaz is the van for us as it allows us to travel off road with increased comfort.

The Topaz features that counted for us in our decision were:

  • The Topaz has genuine off road capability and is small enough to tow to lots of great places but big enough to provide creature comforts
  • The overall design. The layout, the inside living space, the cupboard space inside, the storage space in the external lockers
  • The proven suspension. It is the same design as on the Tvan and it has been amazing as we have taken it to some remote and wonderful places without any issue
  • The build quality. Everything is pop reverted and no ply or chipboard to get wet and rot. attention to every little detail in building the Topaz
  • A van that really enabled us to continue to “live outside” but had an internal kitchen and living space for wet weather
  • We can tow it with a vehicle that has a 2.5 tonne towing capacity
  • A toilet that we can use inside or outside
  • We preferred to have the internal kitchen for wet weather over an internal shower. The external shower is perfect for us
  • A quality 12 volt fridge
  • Being able to get the wheel size to match the Tow Vehicle
  • Track have been very accommodating in allowing us to include the extras we wanted so that it was tailored to our needs and use


At the end of the day it came down to QUALITY

Pam and Rob

Laurie and Lisa


We have just collected our new Tvan Murranji through Track Trailer at Bayswater and are about to experience our first trip in it very soon. Our decision to go with Track Trailer was not made lightly and we spent five months doing our research before deciding that the Tvan ticked all of the boxes.
During those five months, we looked at every sort of camper trailer available, surfed the web and all the camper trailers both new and secondhand. We nearly made an offer on two different campers, but we knew that they weren’t exactly what we wanted so didn’t go ahead with it. When we saw the Tvan we knew there was something special about it.
Some of the things that were important to us in finally choosing the Tvan were that it was locally made in Victorian using Australian products, including the canvas. The actual camper trailer has the best suspension possible and will go anywhere and is completely. The queen-size bed is under a hard roof meaning that the bed does not need to be made up every day and the canvas is not above the bed. This is particularly important when it has been raining – the canvas side just folds up into the back of the door and will never come close to the bed. The storage is amazing in the camper trailer and they have cleverly made use of every available space.
Customer service is very important to us – as soon as we walked in the doors of Track Trailer at Bayswater, we were pleasantly surprised at the level of customer service we received. We spent two hours there with Lloyd Waldron, who showed us every part of the camper trailer. He showed us how to set the camper trailer up (and even got us involved with setting it up) and then we learned how to pack it all up again. Lloyd took us for a tour of their factory where we could see all of the different components of the Tvan being made and then constructed. We saw the water testing facility where they check the Tvan for any water leaks to ensure that the Tvan is completely waterproof. The team were very courteous and worked very well together – there seemed to be an immense sense of pride in their product and they make every effort to ensure that the customer’s needs are met.
We decided then that this was the right camper trailer for us and ordered it immediately. Last week we became the proud owners of our own Tvan. We spent 4 hours with Lloyd learning every aspect of the trailer from electrics, to setting up the annexe and ensuite tent, to setting up the kitchen to making sure that we were confident in setting up the Tvan. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

We are looking forward to taking our Tvan out on the open road and offroad very soon. Thank you to Lloyd and all of the team at Track Trailer for your valuable assistance and advice to us and for supplying us with a top quality product that will provide us with a lifetime of fun and adventure.
We are truly “happy campers”.

Laurie and Lisa



When I drive with Tvan behind my Toyota Prado I only need to remind myself that I am towing something. Other than the fact that I need to use exclusively side mirrors when driving, I do not feel any extra difficulty.

My wife has been confidently driving as well – a big advantage for me. When in a very short overnight stop, we only open the hatch, and get into the bed, close it and sleep in comfort. It took us a little time to learn how to unpack and pack the tent but after a couple of days we mastered the routine.

In Flinders Ranges we drove on 4WD tracks with sharp and narrow bends, with Tvan following precisely the car tracks. I also appreciated the low fuel consumption due to aerodynamic profile and low clearance.

Overall, after travelling 11,000km on sealed and unsealed roads – only days after we purchased the Tvan – we have nothing than positive experience and big plans for the future.

Thanks for the good quality and finish!