What 25 Years really means to us, the industry and to you.

Gerard Waldron
Director & Enthusiast

25 years can go by in a blink of an eye. It has been a very satisfying adventure, never easy, but always was worth it.

I first came to know TRACK in the early 1990s, when I began daydreaming about exploring the outback. Being a Mechanical Engineer I was drawn to TRACK because it clearly built the best, but far from cheapest, off-road camper on the market.

After making the decision to invest in a TRACK my family and I opened maps of Australia and we didn’t look back. Thinking about it now, they are probably some of our family’s happiest memories.

Fast forward to 1998, I found myself looking to improve our family camping further and my wife was keen to move away from canvas over the bed and the soft floor tent of our TRACK Eagle. I struck up a friendship with the then owner of TRACK, the late Alan Mawson, and we collaborated in defining the Tvan product, designing its iconic lines and engineering its mission critical features. A process that would redefine the camper trailer market.

By the time we first revealed the Tvan to the market it was late 1999. The Tvan won its first accolade as the “Camper of the Millennium”. It was a great honour to share the award and success with my friend Alan. The Tvan went on to win other awards, but more importantly it won the hearts and minds of a generation of adventurous travellers.

Tvan owners ultimately helped us define our company vision that TRACK would ‘Create & Develop RVs that Inspire Adventurers and Enthusiasts’ which nowadays is simply “RVs that Inspire”.

At TRACK hardly any of our TRACK designed parts are carried over to the next model. We are keen to build on our legacy, but also don’t want to limit our ambition and risk diminishing the design and performance improvements each model can offer over its predecessor. So, what carries over is DNA, design systems, know-how and experience.

From a distance every Tvan looks similar with its stand out shape and signature window and deck, but up close you will see that the MK1 and the MK5 are 25 years apart in design and materials, usability and tow-ability, with new iterations of our famous MC2 Suspension.
I am proud of TRACK and I am grateful to the team of people who helped us build this business. We have always reinvested in our company, people and products.

Our customers understand this and can easily see how their feedback inspires us to make improvements.

We do not know what the future holds. The only thing certain is change and we aspire to lead in the technology and innovation that shapes the future of our industry.

The Aussie Icon that created the ‘Hybrid-Camper’
Market way back in 1999!

The TRACK Tvan is a market leading off-road icon. The Tvan concept has been reimagined five times, spanning two and a half decades, going from strength to strength, incorporating customer feedback, new technologies and improved manufacturing techniques. These generations of Tvans have rightly earned the Tvan credibility that has been rewarded with several trophies from the industry and media. And now, off the back of its most recent award for ‘Best Build Quality’, we are excited to announce two new special editions to mark the achievement of 25 years – the FIRETAIL and FIRETAIL SPARK.

Rich in TRACK heritage, the FIRETAIL was initially the development ‘code name’ for the Tvan, which at the time featured a strong orange fleck on the rear hatch matching its namesake.

The first special edition FIRETAIL echoes the simplicity of our MK1 (with a few modern luxuries!), while the FIRETAIL SPARK showcases our most recent innovations.

Both packages stand out from the crowd with striking new colour schemes and custom FIRETAIL decals, all while representing excellent value for money.

$5,018 OFF RRP

The FIRETAIL highlights and acknowledges the first generations of the Tvan, which broke new ground in performance and amenity by integrating only the necessary and sufficient to achieve a great camping experience. Another major benefit of these early Tvans was the unrivalled and ultra-light towing weight.

The FIRETAIL is designed to be the perfect step up for a conventional camper trailer owner. This package features a very desirable specification, is lightweight and represents outstanding value. Additionally, there is plenty of opportunity to select from the full range of Tvan options to upgrade and customise features to suit all camping styles.

FIRETAIL Special Edition is packaged with:

  • Exclusive Desert FIRETAIL colour scheme including custom FIRETAIL DECALS
  • Front boot: Equipped with two sealed lockers. The LHS locker comes standard with a sliding fridge drawer, insulation, 12V power and venting. The RHS is fitted with a pressure switch activated LED light.
  • Diesel hot water and heating
  • Jet Grey Canvas – changes all standard canvas to Jet Grey for a sleek and modern look
  • 120W rooftop solar panel
  • 25A battery charger
  • 40A Redarc BC-DC
  • 1x 125Ah Lithium LiFePO4 battery – Revolution Eco (100Ah usable, 500W total draw)
  • Battery management display
  • 4 x USB sockets alongside bed (2x each side)
  • Roof storage system
  • Side-wall storage pockets
  • Under mattress liner
  • 3-speed fan with timer
  • Quick Cover™ Swing out awning

$6,840 OFF RRP

The FIRETAIL SPARK is a statement about the future and showcases some of TRACK’s most outstanding product innovations. These new innovations, introduced on the MK5 Tvan, highlight TRACK’s passion for enriching your camping experiences.

This Special Edition Tvan is a great upgrade for existing high-end camper trailer owners, who have refined their requirements over several trips or for those who want to start at the top. This unit features some serious power system upgrades, opulent kitchen, premium wheels and class-leading load capacity with upgraded GVM suspension and brakes. This is arguably the most desirable combination of camper trailer on the market.

FIRETAIL SPARK Special Edition is packaged with:

  • Additional to the standrd FIRETAIL –
  • Exclusive GOLD FIRETAIL colour scheme with two other highlight colours to choose from
  • Front boot: Equipped with two sealed lockers. The LHS locker comes standard with a sliding fridge drawer, insulation, 12V power and venting. The RHS is also fitted with a slide out drawer with tie down points and a pressure switch activated LED light. Fitment includes the ‘drawer swap’ option making allowance for larger/longer fridges on the kitchen side
  • Diesel hot water, heating, shower point & ensuite tent
  • Premium kitchen
  • Kitchen fitted power outlets (2x 240v)
  • 2 additional tent windows & vent under bed
  • 1.8T suspension upgrade inc. 12” electric brakes
  • Bump stops to suit 33” diameter tyres
  • Alloy wheel upgrade 17×8

SPARK Power Pack consisting of:

  • 2x Projecta 100Ah Lithium batteries
  • Redarc 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Redarc RedVision + Manager 30
  • Redarc Rogue TVMS 40A control and distribution
  • Upgraded roof-mounted 200W Solar Panel
  • Updated lower body sheet-metal kit


  • Stainless topped, aluminum kitchen and workbench with built in windshields
  • Compact weight saving design, preferencing space in the gear carrying locker
  • Twin burners
  • Extra sturdy slideout design
    • no support legs needed
  • Tunnel pantry – accessible from both sides
  • Sink, electric water pump and large cutlery drawer
  • Hot and cold water

The Premium Kitchen boasts a 3 burner (2×1.5KW, 1×2.5KW) glass topped stainless steel cooktop with piezo ignition and matching stainless steel sink with flick mixer tap, draining board and cutlery drawer located below.

The stainless steel benchtop uses advanced sheetmetal techniques for a premium feel, including rounded edges. The powder coated, predominantly aluminium body makes access to storage a breeze incorporating many drawers for storage of all your kitchen needs.


While each variant of the FIRETAIL’s front boots vary slightly – preferencing weight saving and simplicity in the standard version, while the SPARK looks to improve the overall functionality by providing a larger fridge slide and additional slide for gear storage – both can be further configured at time of order to suit your personal needs.


Exclusive to the FIRETAIL SPARK or optioned on the standard FIRETAIL. Featuring 200Ah of high output lithium batteries, and 200W of roof mounted solar with an auxiliary input for portable blankets, the FIRETAIL SPARK is designed to power your daily necessities – like a good cup of coffee in the morning? or Starlink™ to check the news?

This is all achieved thanks to a revolutionary new Tvan lower body design that brings all the key electronics together to reduce voltage drop and improve safety with cut off switching.
Featuring Redarc’s RedVision and the new Rogue Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS), the SPARK will have you in control, harnessing its power to run up to 2000W of devices at 240V, inside the cabin or at your kitchen.

SPARK Power Pack consisting of:

  • 2x Projecta 100Ah Lithium batteries
  • Redarc 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Redarc RedVision + Manager 30
  • Redarc Rogue TVMS 40A control and distribution
  • Upgraded roof-mounted 200W Solar Panel
  • Updated lower body sheet-metal kit