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    The Tvan Firetail is no longer available.

    This Special Edition was hugely successfully and we want to thank all our new Tvan Owners for their enthusiasm and help celebrating the 18th Birthday of the Tvan.

    Introducing Tvan® Firetail ™

    The Firetail™ makes a bold statement with its Jet Black highlights contrasting with the surf mist body. The Firetail™ has been specifically created to celebrate 18 years of market leading innovation at Track Trailer®.

    So our customers can join us in this celebration this Firetail™ model has been based on the ever popular Tvan® Tanami and Track Trailer® has gift wrapped a huge saving on the three most desirable options:

    • The Premium Kitchen
    • Full Front Boot, with LHS fridge slide
    • Custom Colour highlights: Black

    Limited Time Only

    Huge Savings!
    Act now to avoid disappointment! 

    Premium Packaged Options:

    Premium Kitchen

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    Full Front Boot and LHS Slide

    Photos of the first prototype in 1999

    The original Tvan® was the product of a very strategic program of product development. It was first revealed in public, as a prototype, in December 1999 and went onto win its first crop of passionate owners as well as the Caravan Industry Association’s Camper of the Millenium award in 2000.
    The original intention was to name this new camper trailer the “Firetail”™ and the bright orange/red highlight on the hatch was designed to reflect the tail of the Australian finch it was named after.

    However, as the development approached production, it was decided to adopt the shorthand name used on the development project file “Tvan”® and the rest is history.

    Image courtesy of australianfinches.com

    And now, on the cusp of its 18th anniversary
    Track Trailer® is proud to present the Tvan® Firetail™

    Limited Time Only

    Huge Savings!
    Act now to avoid disappointment!