20 Years of Tvan

20 Years of Tvan 800 321 Track Trailer


20 years can go by in a blink of an eye. It has been a very satisfying adventure, never easy, but always was worth it.

A word from our Director

I first came to know Track Trailer in the early 1990s, when I began daydreaming about exploring the outback. Being a Mechanical Engineer I was drawn to Track because it clearly built the best, but far from cheapest, off-road camper on the market. After making the decision to invest in a Track Trailer my family and I opened maps of Australia and we didn’t look back. Thinking about it now, they are probably some of our family’s happiest memories.

Gerard Waldron Director
Track Eagle
Waldron Family at the tip of the Cape

Fast forward to 1998-9. I found myself looking to improve our family camping further and my wife was keen to move away from canvas over the bed and the soft floor tent of our Track Eagle. I struck up a friendship with the then owner of Track, the late Alan Mawson, and we collaborated in defining the Tvan product, designing its iconic lines and engineering its mission critical features. A process that would redefine the camper trailer market. By the time we first revealed the Tvan to the market it was late 1999. I had gone from being a customer exploring the market in the early 1990s, to touring around Australia; developing, with Alan, a radical new product and soon after owning a camper trailer business. It was a busy few years. The Tvan won its first accolade as the “Camper of the Millennium”. It was a great honour to share the award and success with my friend Alan. The Tvan went on to win other awards, but more importantly it won the hearts and minds of a generation of adventurous travellers.

Tvan owners ultimately helped us define our company vision that Track would ‘Create & Develop RVs that Inspire Adventurers and Enthusiasts’ which nowadays is simply “RVs that Inspire”. Those early Tvans were brilliant in their day, but rather than give competitors the chance to copy or catch up, Track embarked on regular reinvention every few years. This expanded the model range and added equipment, but each successive model pushed the boundaries of our design, materials and manufacturing to new levels. Most of our competitors create a new model with cosmetic changes to the old model. At Track hardly any of our Track designed parts are carried over to the next model. We are keen to build on our legacy, but also don’t want to limit our ambition and risk diminishing the design and performance improvements each model can offer over its predecessor.

So, what carries over is DNA, design systems, know-how and experience. From a distance every Tvan looks similar with its stand out shape and signature window and deck, but up close you will see that the Mk1 and the Mk5 are 20 years apart in design and materials, usability and tow-ability, with new iterations of our famous MC2 Suspension. I am proud of Track and I am grateful to the team of people who helped us build this business. We have always reinvested in our company, people and products. Our customers understand this and can easily see how their feedback inspires us to make improvements. We do not know what the future holds. The only thing certain is change and we aspire to lead in the technology and innovation that shapes the future of our industry.

From humble beginnings we have climbed to heights none of us could have imagined. We have endured and ‘made hay’ on the economic swings and roundabouts and continuously innovated, inspiring our customers and competitors alike.

I am extremely happy to mark this 20-year milestone simply proclaiming “We made it! We made it 20 years and we made it here, in Australia”.

To Celebrate Track Has released

Two Special Edition Tvans


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