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    Big Red Bash – MK5 Show and Tell

    1024 682 Track Trailer

    Stop peeking!

    Sounds like an impossible mission, tow a brand new model 2000kms, keep it clean, free from damage and pre-release it to our enthusiastic owners.

    But it’s what we did.

    To ensure the Tvan Mk5 was in pristine condition we fitted our tow vehicles with stone stompers (our preferred protection) and our new front mud flaps.

    Shooting from the hip, this video shows a handful of new features in the Tvan MK5 as we walk though the features and options at Big Red.

    The Tvan towed beautifully as expected and I was grateful that this display unit was fitted with diesel heating and hot water when the temperature started dipping below zero.

    This display Murranji was also fitted with the Skyward™ rear lift up deck, Quick Cover™ awning and dual lithium batteries.

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