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    • November 20, 2017

    Camper Trailer of the Year 2017

    Camper Trailer of the Year 2017

    1024 682 Track Trailer

    Meet the contender

    This year Track Trailer was invited to compete in the Camper Trailer of the Year Awards for 2018.

    After intense debate it was decided that our new Tvan Canning MK5 would compete as a finalist on behalf of Track Trailer.

    This all new Tvan Canning rolled off the production line at our Bayswater factory in Victoria just days prior to its inaugural trip.

    The specification of the Canning is truly diverse, featuring the new MK5 “must have” options such as; Quick Cover® awning, full front boot with pantry, Skyward® lift up deck and upgraded electronics.

    The Canning is a fantastic mix of technology and design allowing for fast overnight stops and long stays with its ensuite tent and portable hot water.

    The electronics feature a 120W solar panel which feeds the onboard battery via a 25amp DC-DC charger (with MPPT solar control). This unit also comes with 4 bed side USB sockets, 300W pure sine inverter, 21amp battery charger and so much more.

    The water setup on the van allows the user to draw from the standard 108L rear water tank or feed the sink and shower outlet with the draw from an external source input.

    Moving inside, the Canning features the new MK5 roof which is much taller than all previous Tvan models and the new canvas tent which is now faster and more user friendly to setup and stow away.

    One of the biggest things about the Canning is all about how small it is or rather how light it is. After researching our competitors, we can now safely say it was the lightest hard floor camper trailer by a fair margin (over 100kgs), weighing in dry at 1045kgs with a ball weight of 135kgs – now that’s a feather weight. This is a hugely important factor when talking about driving thousands of kilometres as it saves on fuel consumption and wear and tear on your tow vehicle.

    For all the results and specifications in extreme detail please check out the February 2018 edition of Camper Trailer Australia magazine.

    We will release the full model specification and a breakdown on how we believe the Tvan Canning addressed the judging criteria in our next post.

    If you can’t wait contact us today!