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    Transmutation - a Recycling Revolution

    This Sunday, March 3rd, is Clean Up Australia Day, and a fitting time to tell you all of a special place that made my little hippie heart sing! I genuinely get so excited about the war on waste, as well as alternate natural solutions to those common household products which contribute to much of our waste. So when we were just about to say goodbye to the town of Robe, in South Australia, my greenie gut sensed something that we had to take a look at.

    Driving through an industrial part of town, a sign caught my attention; Transmutation – reduce, reuse, recycle. We chucked a u-banga and went to investigate. Michael waiting in the Jeep, while I preempted a ‘quick look’, I struck heaven! I was like a kid in a candy store. Racing back outside, I told Michael he had to come look. 

    Inside Transmutation was a recycling depot, production workshop and boutique store, all in one. This place collects plastic waste and turns it into beautiful, functional items. The machines that process the waste are even made from recycled items, like car jacks and ovens. It’s incredible! The project has got the local community totally on board, with residents carting their plastics to the workshop for repurposing, instead of letting it go to landfill.

    All those numbers on your recyclable plastics do mean something! It's the chemical make up of each different plastic, and dictates how it can be reused and recycled.
    Where the magic happens.

    The idea originated in the Netherlands, with the machines designed to fit in shipping containers and be transported to under developed countries, where rubbish is a real issue. The machines can significantly reduce the waste, which is plentiful and freely available, by repurposing it. It can be turned into industrial products to create better infrastructure and even housing. Can you imagine the positive effects this could bring!?

    Wowed by all the thought and energy put into this amazing project, I wasn’t the only one so impressed… While I was there, Channel 7’s SA Weekender were there filming this great environmental and business endeavour, to show their audience.  

    Transmutation is all about educating people on better ways to reduce their impact on the environment as well.

    Recycling what would have otherwise been waste, Transmutation also promotes similar ventures such as By The Sea, who make unique wallets and bags from recycled cork, and Indigo Luna swimwear and leggings made from old fishing nets and rope (these feel so soft, you wouldn’t believe they’re old nets and rope!).

    Indigo Luna's recycled fishing net swim wear.

    There is so much that I genuinely love about this place, I could talk your ears off! Instead, keep your ears and check out their full story and online shop here as well as their TV segment here

    Let’s remember to love our planet guys,

    Love from my Happy Hippy Heart x

    Stay tuned to see more Ausventures!

    Until our next update - see you on / off the road 😉

    Cassie and Micky

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