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    MK5 Tvan

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    A Tall Tale

    The Forrest of Giants A Tall Tale WE ARE HERE Anyone else wanted their very own adult full size tree house?! Yeah!? Us too! Well guess what, we found one! Actually, we found three! Being from Victoria ourselves, it’s hard…

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    Best Fish & Chips in Australia

    Albany Best Fish & Chips in Australia WE ARE HERE We’ve seen more than a few posts and reviews online about the best Fish & Chips in Oz coming from Albany. While we’ve always been true to our local legends…

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    Micky & Cassie – The Nullarbor

    Nullar-boring? No bloody chance! We left to start our Nullarbor crossing on the Thursday. On the Saturday, we arrived sweaty, smelly and covered with dust in Eucla at the end of our Nullarbor trip with a Jeep with it’s engine…

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    Micky & Cassie – Eyre Peninsula

    The Eyre Peninsula The Spectacular and The Crap! Now before you jump to conclusions and start pulling the noose around our necks, hear us out! We’d just left our camp at Lucky Bay on the east coast of the Eyre…

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    Micky & Cassie – Keep Australia Beautiful

    Keep Australia Beautiful Transmutation – a Recycling Revolution This Sunday, March 3rd, is Clean Up Australia Day, and a fitting time to tell you all of a special place that made my little hippie heart sing! I genuinely get so…

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    Micky & Cassie REDARC

    Ausventure visit REDARC factory Superior Aussie made electronics We finally made it to Adelaide, and took a look at the Aussie company making leaps and bounds in electronics – REDARC. We were greeted by Tennille, the Marketing manager at REDARC,…

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    Micky & Cassie – We’re off!

    Two weeks in, and we haven’t even made it to Adelaide! Menzies Creek, VIC – Narrung, SA Originally our plan was to put on our jet packs and get a bit of ground behind us. Past the places we could…

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    Micky & Cassie – This Is Us

    Catch ya in a while, crocodile! The Ausventure Begins! Hey you guys, We’re finally doing it!  We have actually set off on our maiden voyage around this big ole beautiful land we call home.  It has been a little while…

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    Micky & Cassie – Fleurieu Peninsula

    The Fleurieu Peninsula The Ausventure Continues! Before heading up through Adelaide, we had an unplanned detour (but let’s be honest, our plans are fairly loose!), to the Fleurieu Peninsula. This peninsula is just below Adelaide, and the gateway to Kangaroo…

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