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    • April 24, 2018

    Tvan is Turning 20!

    Track Trailer Tvan is here to stay

    Tvan is Turning 20!

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    Dear Tvan Owners,

    You may not be aware but we are rapidly approaching the 20th anniversary of the Tvan.

    As a part of our celebrations we are seeking the help of our owners to find the first ever Tvan produced (or as close as we can get), to display and include in reviews and promotions.

    We are also looking for testimonials about how you have used and enjoyed your Tvan over the years and where you have gone. Hopefully this will include some pictures!

    Enter now using the form below:

    If you have a Tvan with a VIN plate that indicates a 2000-2001 build, please contact us at sales@tracktrailer.com.au with your location (state), VIN, build date and a couple of photos.

    Did we mention that there is a prize for the oldest Tvan found and best photos/testimonial? More info coming soon.

    Thanks 😊