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    • August 3, 2017

    Unsealed Tvan MK5 Cape York Trip

    Unsealed Tvan MK5 Cape York Trip

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    Often early release articles on a new product involve driving to a nearby location and posing for happy snaps.

    It’s not every day that we get to leave the office with a review planned for Cape York, with a detour past Birdsville for the Big Red Bash. However, on this lucky occasion that’s exactly what happened.

    Our stop in Birdsville was to meet with our owners and show off the brand new Tvan MK5, whilst participating in our Owners Gathering.

    Once the event wound up we then set a course north through Winton with our sights firmly set on Cairns where we would be meeting up with Pat Callinan and the Unsealed 4×4 crew.

    While the bitumen ate up the kms (roughly 2000 of them) on the way to Cairns the Tvan’s new DC to DC charger and solar kept the fridge running nicely and saved us from having to stop in overcrowded towns and caravan parks as 6000+ caravans and campers spilled out from Birdsville.

    Once we arrived in Cairns we reluctantly handed over the keys to the Tvan to Pat so that he could begin his journey (with family in tow) to Cape York.

    When Track Trailer launch an all new model – the latest incarnation in Tvan’s 18 year history – it’s fair to say the camper-trailer industry takes notice. We at Unsealed 4X4 were fortunate to be granted a pre-launch road test of the new model. So where to take it? Cape York of course, on a track where only slightly insane camper-trailers dare roll. The Old Coach Road from Maytown to Laura is a ‘thrill a minute’ kind of ride, tough enough with a 4X4, but even harder with a camper in tow.

    The full Cape York article can be found here in Unsealed 4×4.